A lot of people are talking about coin rings, which are made by hammering the edge of a coin with a hammer. Try using a spoon and some patience. You’ll get a lot better results!

Project Steps

All of the rings shown here were made by tapping the edge of the coin with a spoon for hours.

Drill a small hole in the center of the coin and wedge a round file in the hole to hold the coin. This gives you a handle to hold while spinning the coin. While spinning the coin on edge, tap the top edge of the coin with a spoon.

Just keep tapping until it’s the size you need, then remove the material in the center with a file, dremel, drill etc.

These are the only tools I use! The axe head rests on my lap and I spin the coin on top of it while tapping the top of the coin down the center and then both sides. Also, flip the coin around on the round file and tap in both directions. Use files to remove wrinkles as they arise. Use a women’s five-stage fingernail file to clean up the ring when it’s finished.

The coin should be rolled on top of an axe head or other metal anvil by holding the file in one hand with the coin attached and rolling it on its edge. With the other hand, hold the spoon so its cupped part is facing the top edge of the coin. Then use it like a hammer. If this description doesn’t help, watch a YouTube video on how they do their techniques, then just apply the spoon and file into their technique!