Project Steps

Cut a syringe needle so that an inch is left from the plastic cap. Don’t pinch it off or you’ll flatten it, use a file to damage and then break of the tip.

Place the needle over the pin to desolder. Press down slightly with your index finger to keep the needle in place. Don’t press too hard or the needle will bend.

Melt the solder on the pin with the tip of a soldering iron whilst pressing the needle. The needle will pop through the PCB. On 2-layer PCBs: keep pressing and heating, it’ll pop through a second time.

Remove soldering tip, let it cool and remove needle while twisting it. The solder doesn’t stick to the needle, the pin is free.

Repeat for all pins. Wiggle the component out.

Clean the pins by stroking them with the soldering iron, straighten with pliers if necessary