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Welcome Foolish Mortals to my 2013 Halloween Project

This cool Halloween project’s main components are:make_halloweenbadgeV2 (1)

  • Raspberry Pi (Model B)
  • 19″ widescreen LCD Monitor
  • Custom built box to hold the monitor and Raspberry Pi.
  • IKEA frame – UNG DRILL Frame
  • Gila Platinum Window Film – Turns the IKEA frame into a 2 way mirror

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Project Steps

Setting up the Raspberry Pi

Download Tim Schwartz’s Video Looper SD card image ( ) and use it to create an SD card for the Raspberry PI using the instructions found on his site.

Edit and modify the config file on the SD card using a PC or Mac to set it up to display the video vertically.


*NOTE – I had to use “display_rotate=3” (i.e. rotate it 270 degrees) to position the monitor’s power button in the lower left corner of the frame.

Download the Master Gracey changing portrait video found here –

Copy the Master Gracey video to the SD card using a PC or Mac. It can be copied anywhere on the SD card as it will be moved later.

Connect a keyboard, mouse, and your monitor to the Rasberry PI and boot it up.

Once it boots and starts playing the demo video, hit the Esc key on the keyboard and use the mouse to navigate to the lower left of the screen to bring up a menu to get to X Windows. From there you can move the video file to the /home/pi/video directory.

Reboot the Raspberry Pi. Make sure it automatically plays the video and it plays it vertically.

LCD Monitor Box

You will need to build your monitor box to fit your specific monitor.

Make sure to leave enough room for the video cable that will connect the monitor to the Raspberry Pi.

You may need to add tabs to the sides to provide a place to hang the frame on the box.

Use a beveled cleat (strip of wood cut at 45 degrees) to hang the box ( Then hang the frame on the box with normal screws.

You can add a power button by drilling a hole in the box above the monitor’s power button and adding a small dowel with a dab of epoxy on the end. Mine ended up under the frame so I added a small wood block to the backside of the frame so the monitor can be tuned on or off by lightly pressing on the lower left corner of the frame

The Frame

The IKEA UNG DRILL frame ( must be bought at the store, they will not ship these,

The frame is white and comes with clear oval glass.

I painted the frame with Modern Masters bronze metal paint ( and aged it using their blue patina (

Use Gila Platinum Window Film ( to turn the oval glass into a 2 way mirror.

*NOTE – Use a spray bottle of water with 2 drops of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo to wet and apply the film.


Tim Schwartz – Video Looper SD card image (

David Andora – IKEA Frame 2 way mirror idea (