Everyone has multitudes of USB flash drives these days, but their compact size lends them perfectly to getting dropped, misplaced, flushed, damaged, or otherwise lost.

Very few USB drives come packaged with their own lanyards to help prevent such disasters, so why not make one with a few simple items?

Project Steps

Got an Old Shoelace?

I used one from an old ice skate. A 36″ length works well for a lanyard to wear around the neck, but the length is up to you.

Mine was black, but any color will do. For high-visibility, use a neon-colored lace.

Prep the Shoelace

Cut off one end of the shoelace with a pair of scissors.

Measure 36″ from the end and and cut the shoelace again so you have a 3-foot length.

Using a lighter gently singe both cut ends of the shoelace. This will prevent the ends from unraveling.

Glue the Ends Together

Fold the shoelace in half so that both ends are flush, and apply a few drops of liquid stitch to the inside about 1/2″ in length from the ends. Clamp the ends together with a clothespin or vise and let dry.

Prep the Line

Cut a 10″ length of of 20 lb. fishing line or heavy-duty thread. Fold it in half so that both ends meet. Tie a double knot 2″ from the loop end. Trim the loose ends about 1/8″ from the knot.

Attach Line to Lace

Use an awl or large needle to poke 2 small holes, 1/4″ and 1/8″ in from the glued ends of the shoelace. Push the loop end of the fishing line through the first (1/4-inch-in) hole and then double it back through the second (1/8-inch-in) hole. Pull the loop until the knot is flush with the hole.

Put a dab of hot glue on the knot and on the backside where the line goes through. This will help secure the line to the shoelace.

Shore up the End

Push a 3/4″ length of heat-shrink tubing onto the shoelace and position it over the hot-glued knot, flush with the end. Use a heat gun to carefully shrink the tubing. Don’t apply too much heat or the fishing line will melt.

If you don’t have heat-shrink tubing, another method is to wrap the knot with a small piece of duct tape, preferably the same color as the shoelace.

Attach the USB Flash Drive

Push the loop end of the fishing line through the USB drive lanyard hoop and then the shoelace back through the loop.

The lanyard is now ready to keep the flash drive from getting lost!