I got all the parts necessary for the project at my local RadioShack. You can get them cheaper somewhere else, I’m sure.

Project Steps

Here is it finished. I made this one about a week ago to test the circuit. So this one may differ a bit compared to the one we’re going to build.

Here are the parts needed to complete the project.

Here is the schematic for the project.

First we add our 8-pin socket near the center of the PCB.

Then we add our screw terminal and LED. the positive (+) end of the led goes to the positive (+) end on the terminal.

Next we add the 1k resistor. To help with the final layout we put one lead of it in near pin 3 on the socket.

Next we add the 10uF capacitor. Be aware of its positive and negative leads (negative should be facing down if the terminal is at the top).

Next come the rest of the resistors. The first is the 10k which goes closest to the capacitor. Then the 470 and 220 are joined together in series to make the equivalent of a 680k.

Solder all connections made so far.

After soldering all connections cut off the extra leads except for those on the capacitor and resistor.

Next we connect the negative lead of the capacitor to pin 1 and negative terminal using leftover leads and wires.

Then we connect pins 8 and 4 together to the lead of the resistor, and then to the positive terminal.

Next connect pin 7 to the spot between the 10k and the 660k resistors.

Connect pins 6 and 2 together and then to the spot between the capacitor and 10k resistor.

If you connected everything correctly, connect your battery to the circuit and let it sit for a couple of seconds. It should start to blink every 5 seconds. If not, check for short circuits or misconnected leads.

If you have any questions or comments please post them and I will help with what is possible. Or, email me at pickle2396@live.com.