Project Steps

Cut sports-themed ball in half with the sharp knife. Cut small slits on top of each half big enough for the headband to slide through and fit snuggly.

Secure Headband by wrapping a rubber band on each side of the headband within each half of the ball to ensure the headband does not slide out.

Add the Stuffing to the inside of each half of the ball.

Wrap the fabric around the opening of each half of the ball and secure it to the balls inside edge with fabric glue, and let it dry.

Warm, sporty earmuffs should be ready to wear!

Optional: Headphone earmuffs

Sew a small pocket into the fabric before securing it on the half of the ball.

Place the headphone speakers into the pocket and sew around them to hold them in position.

Glue the fabric as in Step 4 with the headphone cords downward.

Warm, sporty headphone earmuffs are ready to war!


These customized Earmuffs are simple to make and comfortable to wear.