This is a six button model of a wind instrument with a force sensor powered by Arduino that can detect combinations of keys and play many notes through a MIDI device, such as a keyboard. This means that you will be able to play more notes with minimum finger combinations compared to a normal wind instrument.

The instrument will send a MIDI device a different signal for each note depending on the combination of buttons and whether the pressure sensor is activated. It can imitate different instruments depdending on the code, so it can either be a saxophone, a clarinet, a trumpet, piano etc…

Code can be found here…

Project Steps

Prepare the acrylic frame

Part 1 Drill 6 holes in piece of acrylic

Part 2 Install 6 push buttons into holes

Part 3 Solder Wires on to each terminal and cover with heat shrink as seen in picture

Part 4 Install force sensor onto the end of the frame where it is comfortable to put mouth using super glue

Prepare MIDI connector to MIDI output device

Part 1 Cut connector off of the end of the MIDI cable and strip back the protective cover

Part 2 Determine wires for Pin 2, 4, and 5 using a multimeter

Part 3 Solder terminals 2, 4, 5 to jumper wires

Test the MIDI connector to MIDI output device

Part 1 Wire it into the bread board as seen in diagrams

Part 2 Test with program to ensure that Arduino is communicating with MIDI device (can be found in google doc)

Should play a chromatic scale


Part 1 wire in instrument using a breadboard and jumper cable (See diagram)

Part 2 Program it to work with buttons (see google doc for Code)

Only first three buttons will function at this point

Force Sensor

Part 1 Wire in Force Sensor using diagram

Part 2 Program Force senor (can be found on google docs)

You can now change the volume depending on how hard you press


After completing this project, you will have a MIDI saxophone. To adjust the type of instrument, press button six