There are several reasons why you may need to fit a gate wheel to a timber gate – more than likely the main reason is that when you open your gate, it drags along the floor making it difficult to move freely.

If this is the case, then either your gate has ‘dropped’ or the posts holding the gate in place are not quite strong enough and the weight of the gate is pulling the posts inwards, causing the meeting stiles (vertical upright of the frame work of the gate, opposite the hinge side) to drag along the floor.

If you’re experiencing one of these things, then you will in all likelihood be reducing the lifespan of the gates, as every time the gate drags on the floor, the paint or stain on the bottom edge of the wooden gates is wearing away, allowing water a way in, which in turn can lead to rot.

A well-made gate should last for a long time – at Gate Expectations by Inwood we’re used to hearing that “my old gates are dropping and I’m looking for a replacement”. Whilst a new gate might be the answer, it makes sense to make the best of what you already have.

The good news is we can fix this quite quickly by adding a gate wheel to the gates -this will work for most wooden gates including driveway gates – and I’m here to show you how!