This guide will teach you how to give your motorcycle an awesome Tron theme with EZ-EL Wire! For more cool ideas check out!

The EZ-EL Wire Kit you will need for this project can be purchased here.

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Project Steps

We decided to continue the Tron theme onto a motorcycle, still keeping it simple and classy! It’s an easy and enjoyable project to do to amp up your motorcycle!

Map out a design you would like on your bike.

Spray the area where you’ll be attaching the EL wire with windex and clean it.

Place the velcro to the battery pack and apply. Then apply the adhesive to the inside of the bike area where it is not in the way of the bike handlebar hitting it.

Next, apply rubber cement glue and place the EL wire along the imprint of the paint. Make sure you tape as you go. Remember to let the glue sit until the next day.

Take all the tape off and clean up the glue residue around the EL wire (i.e., use windex and cloth to wipe down). Enjoy your new ride!