Convert those cheap trick-or-treat pumpkin buckets into a hanging decoration for your next nighttime Halloween party!

Project Steps

A suitable pumpkin bucket will be translucent under bright light. The goal is to be able to see the glow of a tea light through the walls of the bucket. Florescent buckets like these are also cool if you are using black lights.

Turn the bucket over and drill 1 large hole (1/2″ to 3/4″) in the center and 3 or 4 small holes (1/8-1/4″) around the edge of the bottom. The small holes are for drainage if it rains.

I found LED tea lights at a local bargain outlet for 25 cents US each. The bottom of these has an on/off switch and unscrews to expose a coin cell, which lasts a few days.

Apply hot glue on all the raised edges of the bottom of the tea light. Don’t get any into the switch mechanism.

Glue the tea light to the bottom of the pumpkin bucket. The switch should be accessible through the large hole in the bottom of the bucket. The glue should also waterproof the tea light, at least if it is the type like mine with a removable base.

Attach a paper clip around the bucket handle for hanging. I spanned my backyard with paracord and hung the buckets from loop knots in the paracord. Hang from kevlar thread or strong fishing line if the party will start before dusk and you don’t want the paracord to show.

I made 16 of these and hung them in our backyard for our annual pumpkin carving party. The effect was very cool.