Commercial Geiger counters can cost hundreds of dollars. Build your own at a fraction of the price! This easy-to-solder kit can be built in an evening and it works just like you think it would; clicking and blinking in the presence of radiation. Just follow the instructions here to build it and use it.

Your MAKE Geiger Counter Kit features:

  • Detects beta and gamma rays
  • Serial logging output
  • Mute button
  • LED indicator
  • “Clicker” speaker
  • Pulse output
  • ATtiny2313 microcontroller
  • SBM-20 Geiger-Müller tube
  • Runs on two AAA alkaline batteries (not included)

Is grandma’s dish collection radioactive? Do bananas give off radiation? Are your granite countertops giving off gamma rays? Build your own Geiger counter and find out! The serial logging function lets you easily track exposure over time, and the mute button lets you silently detect radiation. A must for every mad scientist.

WARNING: This Geiger Counter kit is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Don’t even think about using it to monitor radiation in life-threatening situations, or in any environment where you may expose yourself to dangerous levels of radiation. Don’t rely on the collected data to be an accurate measure of radiation exposure. Be safe!