Looking for a last minute gift to WOW your dad for Father’s Day? Make this leather catch-all-valet! He’ll never loose his keys or the contents of his pockets, and it only takes about 10 minutes to make!

Project Steps


To start, I gathered some sturdy, but not too thick leather, and some 1″ long bolts with matching nuts.

I then cut the leather into a square. I recommend not going any smaller than 7 square inches. The two I made are 8 square inches and 10 square inches, and I am very happy with these sizes.

I used a box knife and a square ruler to make a nice even and straight square.


The next step is to figure out where to put out bolt holes. Use paperclips to prototype where you want your bolts to go. This will also help determine how deep your valet is.

Next you will mark and punch out the places you want to attach your bolts (the bolts will replace the paperclips). I used a ruler to make sure my distances were all even.

Repeat this on all four corners, on both sides of each corner. Once you’ve punched out the holes, your leather should look like this:


To complete your valet, simply stick a bolt through each of the corners holes and attach a nut on the other side to secure the corner pinches. Voila! You just made a simple, yet beautiful gift. Go ahead, stick your nose inside and give it a sniff!