In this website we are going to teach you how to create a happy handle to make carrying your groceries simple!

Project Steps

Buy all materials listed above. They can be found at a wide variety of places such as Walmart, Target, hardware stores, and craft stores.

Cut the wood to a length of 18″. Be sure to wear all proper safety protection when using power tools.

Predrill all of the holes. This includes two holes, about 6 inches apart and about 1 inch from the top of the wood, for the carrying handle. It also includes four holes, about 4 inches apart and about 1 inch from the bottom of the wood, for the carrying hooks.

Using the bottom four holes on the bottom of the wood that you just drilled out, screw on four hooks on the front face of the wood. These hooks will be used to carry the shopping bags.

Attach the tarp strap to the two holes on the top of the wood. The hooks should fit perfectly and this will provide a sturdy carrying handle.

Cut the handle off of the jump rope for the grip.

Use the hot-glue gun to attach the handle to the end of the wood. It should be about 3 inches from the front edge of the wood.

Fold the towel and attach to the wood on the opposite side of the hooks (on the side that will rest against the body) with 2 rubber bands.

Screw a hook, upside down, to each end of the wood. This is where the shoulder strap will attach to the wood.

Slide both carabiners onto the yoga strap. Then attach to strap the hooks on both ends. Adjust the length of the strap as necessary, so the Happy Handles design feels comfortable.