This guide will bring you through the process of building one of Hexy’s six legs.

The steps of building one of Hexy’s legs are:

  • Gathering the parts and tools.
  • Peeling the protective paper
  • Identifying parts for the subsystems
  • Assembling the subsystems
  • Drilling the holes in the servo horns
  • Attaching the servo horns
  • Attaching the subsystems to the servos
  • Dressing the wires

After you have assembled one of the legs, you will need to build the rest of the six (that’s why they call it a hexapod!). You may want to work together with another person, sharing the assembly tests.

You should expect the leg assembly to take 15 to 25 minutes. The first one may take longer, and the last ones will likely take less time.

The servos are left loose in this assembly, because you will need to center them with the circuit board. When they are centered, you will screw the servo horn securely onto the servo.

Once you have all the legs assembled, you will build the body, and then you will assemble the legs onto the body.