Fist of all this hack is legal as well as safe. Also, this mod will not mess with the original PSP software. It is not actually the real Mac software but it is an emulator (simulator). All that you need is a PSP, a PSP cord that plugs into a computer, and a computer.

Project Steps

First of all you need to download WinZip at This program comes in a trial version that has all the functionality you need.

After WinZip is set up, you need to go to and download the Mac software.

Now plug your PSP into the computer.

Once you PSP has connected to the computer, a box will pop up to tell you it’s plugged in. You need to open the folder shown.

Once the folder is opened, you need to click on PSP, and then “Common”. Then drag the X5 folder to the Common folder.

Next you need to go back to the PSP folder, then to the pictures folder and put the X5 picture in that.

Once you’ve completed the last step, you need to unplug your PSP and go into the Internet browser.

In the address bar type in: file:///PSP/COMMON/X5/index.html

This will bring you to the Mac OS emulator. Now before you forget the web address, add it to your bookmarks so that you can use it anytime!

This program was NOT created by me even though I am creating a How-to guide for it. copyright goes to KaotiK DesignZ. All rights reserved.

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