This is a simple way to make the iNecklace light glow any color of the rainbow. In fact, it’s so simple you can change it any time you want in a few minutes. No soldering required!

Project Steps

Start by taking the back off the iNecklace and removing its guts.

Once it’s apart, use a small object like a toothpick, or even a paperclip to push out the plastic cover from the aluminum housing. It’s still in the iNecklace in the picture.

It will come out easily, but don’t push too hard or it will scratch.

Now you need to find some suitable plastic.

I found the packaging for my studio light bulbs to work perfectly. Anything packaged similarly will work.

Cut off a small piece that is flat. It only needs to be approximately 3/4″ x 3/4″.

Next, trace around the white piece of plastic that you removed in step one onto the new piece of clear plastic.

Now you can use any permanent marker to customize the iNecklace. I chose purple since it’s my wife’s favorite color.

Color in the circle, and a little outside the edges. Yes, despite what you have been told all your life, you can color outside the lines! It’s OK, I promise.

It works best if you color on the opposite side from the black outline. That way the outline won’t smudge.

Next, cut the plastic circle out.

Be sure to cut a little on the inside of the traced outline. A slightly smaller plastic circle is better. It makes reassembly easier.

Last step is to assemble the modified iNecklace.

First, insert the colored piece of plastic with the newly colored side facing inwards.

Next, add the original white plastic diffuser.

Then the circuit board.

Followed by the battery and back cover.


Now you can easily make your iNecklace any color you want!