Project Steps

Mark the center between the primary arms on the secondary arm.

This is on the opposite side of the CEB of the brickholder plate.

Position the drawer

The drawer needs to be in the fully retracted position.

This is when the drawer is about to eject the brick, the press plate will be back 1/4″ from the inside of the compression chamber.

Prepare the cylinder mount.

Punch a 1″ hole in the center of a 3″x3″ piece of 1/2″ thick steel.

Place the cylinder

On the side which attaches to the secondary arm, put the pin through the mount, a 1″ washer, and the cylinder.

The side of the cylinder with the rod attaches to the drawer.

Both sides will need a 1″ washer to act as a spacer so the cylinder can’t slide back and forth.

When the cylinder is attached to the drawer, place the mount on your center mark.

Square the mount in all directions.

Weld the mount in place

Tack the mount in a few places.

Remove the pin and move the cylinder out of the way of the mount.

You can slide the drawer away so you don’t need to remove that side.

Weld the mount solid, all the way around. Make sure it stays square.

Install hoses

Return the secondary cylinder and re-mount it. Don’t forget the washer.

Remove the plug from the port on top of the cylinder.

The cylinder may have fluid in it, so keep a jar handy to catch any that spills.

Install Assembly #2 into this port.

Couple the remaining assemblies and hoses in place.