This tutorial will show you how to hack your iPod Touch or iPhone! You can do this mod on your own because of its easy steps. This type of hacking on an Apple device is called jailbreaking and is completely legal.

Project Steps

First, if your device doesn’t have an Internet connection, then go to Step 2. Owners of iPhones and iPods with an Internet connection keep reading this step.

Next you need to find your device’s version. You can find this in Settings->General->About, and it’s under “Version”.

If your device is under version 4.0.1 then go to on your device and “click slide to jailbreak.” Once installed go to last step.

If your device’s version is any higher then go to on your computer and select the download links.

After greenpois0n is downloaded then you can plug in your iPod Touch and and open greenpois0n.

Now click “Prepare for jailbreak” and follow the steps exactly. When you’re done go to the last step.

For devices without WiFi, follow these instructions.

First you need the latest firmware on your devices and you need to go to and select the download link.

Now plug in your device and open greenpois0n.

Lastly, follow instructions to jailbreak your electronic device and go to last step!

Now you are almost done!

Once your jailbreak is complete you will notice a new app; either Blackra1n, Cydia, or Loader. If it is Cydia, then skip the next section of this step.

If you have Blackrain or Loader, open it and click the download link for Cydia and it will install and might reboot your device.

Now that you have Cydia you can open it and select the latest download that will pop up.

Now you can download tweaks and open-source apps that can change your device or add themes!

Remember that downloading apps such as installers or apps that illegally pirate other applications are illegal although jailbreaking itself isn’t.

Be safe and have fun with this cool new hack!

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