The rack shown in this post holds 14 bar clamps, but this can be adjusted by either changing the length of the rack or by cutting a different number of clamp slots.

If you have your own shop, chances are you have a ton of clamps yet find yourself needing more. This is certainly the case over here at the Maker Media Lab. We have so many clamps that they were literally spilling out of their drawer, making them hard to access and creating an eyesore. We thought there had to be a better way to store them; so, we came up with this clamp rack. This rack is designed to hold all of our bar clamps, so that we can access them easily, and utilize the wall space in our shop as storage.

This rack is specifically designed to hold bar clamps and can help with productivity, organization, and can be easily built to your shop’s needs. This design was borrowed from the clamp rack in the shop at California College of the Arts where I go to school, but I made some tweaks to the design to make it more aesthetically pleasing, as I’m a furniture maker by trade. Bar clamps are commonly used in making furniture, and thus I’ve relied on them heavily over the years. It was nice to finally get a chance to build a nice home for them.


Over here at the Maker Media Lab we are still in the process of setting up our new shop, so we developed this project in an effort to organize and clean up our workspace. This post is part of a larger initiative to document our internal shop setup process, so look out for more posts about shop organization! If you have ideas for great storage solutions, or any other shop setup projects, then let us know in the comments.