This project uses IRLB8721PbF MOSFETS. These particular devices are good for the Arduino because the base current required to fully open the gate is less than 5v.

I chose to use a power supply case to house this project. The built in fan will supply plenty of airflow over the heatsinks attached to the MOSFET’s.

This design is intended to provide power and dimming to 24 5 watt LED’s distributed over 6 channels.

In this case power is 12 volts. I expect the MOSFET’s to sink about 5 amps per channel.

I am including a push button and a LED that will be used for basic I-O. The number of pushes on the button tell the arduino which lighting program to run. The LED flashes sequences to indicate the program that has ben selected or is running.

The program that I have written includes selectable day, night, and 24 hour modes.