I’m going to be going over some very basic sewing techniques for creating this odd stuffed spiked ball. I’ll be demonstrating how to plan out and stitch a sphere made of pentagonal panels, how to stuff a massive plush object, and how to make a puffy weapon safe for boffing, pillow fights, and other friendly altercations.

I made this pillow mace for the NYC Pillow Fight ’11 back in April. After attending the one in SF a few years back, I came to the determination that standard pillows just weren’t medieval enough for wild pillow melees.

The upside of it all was that everyone I met got super excited to see and get hit by the pillow mace. The down side was that, while in the scrum, people would point to me, say “He’s got a pillow mace… Get him!” and I’d be bent over by a storm of flailing pillows.

So my advice to you is: if you make your own pillow mace and take it to a pillow fight, be prepared to accept the consequences of becoming the center of attention.