Why settle for ho-hum jewelry when you can have a one-of-a-kind piece like this one? My Recycled Sweater Swirl Necklace is made from soft strips of lamb’s-wool and angora sweaters that I “felted” or washed until the fibers are tightly woven together.

In between the felt swirls are black and black-and-white striped glass beads strung on a 20-gauge wire. Attached is a black suede cord with a bead on each end.

This necklace nicely adjusts to choker size or you can tie it loosely and wear it long; it just depends on your outfit. I guarantee you will get compliments on this piece!

Project Steps

Cut up strips of black and white (or colors of your choice) wool sweaters about 1/2 inch wide. For swirls that are 1″ in diameter you will need 4″-5″ strips. For the larger swirls you will need to cut 11″-13″ strips.

To make a swirl, wrap the end of one strip over the edge of the second strip and coil it around. Continue until the swirl is the size you want it. Cut the outside strip a little longer than the underside strip. Use a pin to hold the swirl closed. Repeat to make your desired number of swirls.

Begin with a long piece of wire and cut it so it has a sharp angle at one end to poke through the sweater swirl. Form a loop at the opposite end.

You can thread your choice of beads between the swirls as I did, or just make the necklace with only sweater swirls.

Poke the sharp end of the wire through the sweater swirl with a side-to-side motion, then remove the pin. Alternate putting swirls and beads on the wire. When you are finished cut the wire and form another small loop.

Tie a suede cord or ribbon to each end loop. You can finish this cute necklace by adding a bead to the each end, as I did, and then just tie it around your neck. How cute is that? And what a great way to recycled used sweaters.