We are restoring old table lamps we had so we can use them now. We took them to paint, and my parents told me they would pay me 2 dollars for each lamp I "restored" with cable, switch and connector. So they gave me money and I went to buy switches and copper cable to the hardware store. And did everything.

All the materials can be bought at your local hardware store.

Project Steps

In my case the socket is twistable.

The white wall connector I bought was the cheapest.

The lamp switch has a simple though nice design.

The only tools I used were a point cutter and a wire stripper which has a sharp blade.

In my case I passed a cable through my lamp’s body.

Then I placed the socket (lower part, because it divides in two) on top of the structure.

Then I divided the cable with the cutter and stripped each separate cable about 2.5 cm.

Make a U-shaped bend in the copper and place it under the screw. No worries; there are not any polarity restrictions.

Remember to close up the socket with a twist.

Quick note: Remember to always twist your copper to prevent it from coming out of place.

As it is a table lamp, I measured and put the switch about 20 cm away from the actual lamp body so that someone can easily grab and press the switch.

In this case you will have to cut only one of the divided wires and strip both ends as shown in picture 2. Then repeat the process of screwing the heads over the “U” of copper wire.

Depending on the switch, you may need a screwdriver to disassemble it.

Finally divide and strip both ends of the cable as shown in picture 1.

Then disassemble the wall connector, wrap the stripped copper wire under the screws and tighten them.

Remember to close everything up tight and secure!

Remember to take precautions when connecting to a wall outlet. Depending on your country your voltage may be different. Electricity can give you a shock and even kill you, so be careful. Use the proper equipment and technique to test the lamp.

Finally, you can cover your table lamp and make a lovely protector such as the one my mum made.


You can get all the materials at your local hardware store. This is a great quick project that almost anybody can do.