Rizeh is a Persian word that means “tiny,” and our Rizeh robot is very small indeed. Driven by two cellphone vibrators, it’s very low-cost to build and implement. The robot is able to perform basic linear and circular motions, and with its infrared detectors it can successfully follow a black line on a white background. To our knowledge it’s the smallest line-following vibrobot in the world!

We applied some techniques to minimize the electronics needed to control the robot, which is crucial in building small bots. Instead of a motor driver, our control scheme employs the internal PWM capabilities of the microcontroller itself to control the vibrators. The final robot weighs just 5 grams and measures 19mm×16mm×10mm.

Our line-following test includes curves, lines, and corners, and the robot is able to successfully follow the line. Rizeh won first place at RoboCup IranOpen 2013 in the Demo (Freestyle) League. Here’s how you can make it.

Special thanks to Prof. Adel Akbarimajd, my partner in this project.