Moss, mushrooms, and all things woodland are very popular motifs for design and entertaining. The colors and texture of the forest are enchanting, and by bringing these elements indoors, you can create a lush, wintery mood. Branches and tree stumps are not hard to find, and with a drill and some accessories, it’s easy to make these lovely candleholders.

Project originally posted on CRAFT.

Project Steps

Gather your tools and materials. Find pieces of logs and branches with interesting bark, moss or lichen. Don’t worry about the ends of the wood; the log will rest on its side.

Fit the drill with the hole saw attachment. Brace the log with your foot, and drill straight down into the side of the log. Hold the drill steady and apply firm downward pressure on the wood. When the saw has sunk all the way into the wood you can stop.

With the ring drilled out, you can start to chisel away at the core of wood. Hold the chisel at an angle, and hit it with a hammer, directing the force away from the center and towards the edge. Chisel out all of the wood inside the drilled ring.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have created a hole in the log as deep as your candleholder. As you work down into the wood, it will get a bit harder to find the right angle on the chisel and you will likely have to pry out the last bits of wood by leveraging the chisel instead of hitting it with the hammer.

Dust off the sawdust, and drop in your candleholder. You can use these pieces in your Thanksgiving centerpiece, but will most likely want to keep them out all season long.