Project Steps

The correct and safest way to melt wax is with a bain-marie, or water bath, because the wax is highly flammable. I chose to use a gas burner because for this kind of candle you need the wax to be very hot in order for the sand to soak in and make a thick outer layer.

First we need to make the sand mould. Fill a large container with sand. The sand must be moist in order to hold its shape. Make a hole in the sand and bury an object in order to make the mould.

Compact the sand around the object, take it out and you are left with this.

Suspend the wicks over the moulds and you are ready to pour the hot wax.

Melt the wax until it comes almost to a boil; about 126 degrees Celsius. If you haven’t got a thermometer, watch the wax carefully and you will see it starting to move as if it is boiling. That’s a good indication that it’s time to take it off the fire.

Never ever leave the hot wax unattended and keep it away from kids and pets. It’s best to work outdoors away from flammable items Keep a fire extinguisher close at hand.

If the wax should catch fire, DO NOT pour water on it! Turn off the heat and cover the container with a lid in order to deprive it of oxygen.

Pour the wax in the moulds.

You will need to top up the wax after some time because it soaks into the sand and the level will drop.

Once the wax has hardened you can take the candles out and scrape off any loose sand on the outside.

Here is the final product.


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