I love food. I especially love rich, creamy comfort food. Two of my favorite restaurants (Big Bottom Market and Barley and Hops) have recently served up versions of savory bread pudding. They were delicious, addicting, and sadly, specials that quickly rotated off the menu. Instead of suffering from withdrawals, I decided to try my hand at baking my own.

I started by referencing a recipe for a classic dessert bread pudding and modified it to be baked with veggies instead of fruit, and herbs instead of sugar. I also reduced the amount of dairy and was happily surprised to find that it didn’t take away from the texture one bit. Oh, and because I am a little crazy, I put a twist on the Brussels sprouts – I peeled the leaves off, instead of leaving them whole. The result is a dish that melts in your mouth.

Project originally posted on CRAFT.