This guide will share ideas for common materials you can use to create an one-of-a-kind RC car.

Project Steps

Open electric drill

Remove battery pack from drill.

Remove screws as shown.

Remove drill motor and speed control

Split electric drill in half.

Remove electric drill motor and throttle switch assembly.

Remove drill motor from casing and throttle switch from throttle body as shown.

Build chassis

We recommend that you arrange the PVC connectors on the table to determine your chassis profile. Here was our initial step.

We cut pieces of PVC tubing to create the chassis frame.

Here is the final chassis design.

Create suspension system

Mount upper and lower swing arms to RC wheel mount as shown. Ensure movement of swing arms.

Test wheel on suspension arms for clearance between chassis frame and ground.

Use medical syringe with cap to create strut.

Mount handle of syringe to chassis frame as shown.

Create recessed notch for syringe cap to interface with lower swing arm as shown.

Repeat for all four wheel positions.

Throttle system

Modify throttle switch by removing inner throttle button spring and replacing with lighter-duty outer spring as shown. Use a washer and pin to keep outer spring in place.

Next, drill a hole through the throttle button, through the throttle assembly and fish through fishing line as shown.

Tie ends of fishing line to servo arms as shown.

Drive system

Use RC axles to connect rear wheels together. Route the axles through a piece of PVC tubing with a hole to feed the vacuum belt through as shown. Secure PVC tubing to chassis.

Mount electric drill motor to chassis as shown. Create a wooden drum with a shoulder to ensure that the vacuum belt stays in place.

Steering system

Mount servo to chassis as shown. Create and mount steering servo connector piece as shown. Connect steering arms to the connector piece as shown.

Radio-control system

Mount receiver to chassis.

Mount battery pack for receiver to chassis.

Connect steering and throttle servo wires to receiver.

Finished product!