Image by flydime (Wayang Kulit / Indonesia, Yogyakarta)

Shadow puppetry originated over 2000 thousand years ago in China as a form of storytelling. It was created out of the need to cheer up an emperor in the Han Dynasty when his wife passed away.

After its creation, shadow puppetry became extremely popular and inspired many to create troupes that performed all over China. With its growing popularity, it became more widespread and became an incredibly powerful form of storytelling all over Southeast Asia.

Image by Curtain21 at en.wikipedia
Image by Curtain21 [Wikipedia]

One of the reasons so many cultures adapted it is because of its simplicity. All you need is a light source, an object that casts a shadow and a translucent material in between the puppeteer and the audience.

Now that you know the three simple things that you need to start your career as a world renowned puppeteer, let me show you the steps to get you to your first show!