I feel driven to use the sun however I can, and solar cooking is a great example. When the sun is shining out on my deck, I love being able to put some of those free joules into dinner rather than let them go to waste. And there’s nothing more satisfying than capping off a sunny day by opening up and enjoying a pot of delicious, solar-cooked tandoori chicken.

There are some excellent solar cookers on the market, but most of them share one major drawback: failure to track the sun’s east-to-west (azimuthal) motion. For these cookers to work their best, you need to reposition them every 20 minutes or so, which isn’t always practical or convenient, to say the least.

Here’s my solution: a simple wheeled platform that uses the sun’s own energy to automatically follow its apparent motion. It’s simpler and more versatile than other solar trackers I’ve seen, it stores easily, and the design can be made larger or smaller to match the size of your cooker.