I’m an average-height guy… but I needed to finish drywall. Being as I have no stilts, and I have a project that needed limited use of my own vertical improvement, I did this quick 3-minute mod to move myself up two feet while remaining stable.

Project Steps

I KNOW this seems like a cheap mod. It is. I needed something quick and simple to get me up to the 8-foot level without having to buy, make, or learn to use stilts. Professional dry-wallers use stilts to do their jobs. They are good at what they do, and it’s a unique skill not often seen. As I am a DIYer, and attempting my first full home restoration, I needed something similar; hence the bright idea I have here. If you need it now, and you need it cheap, this is the way to go.

Any old house shoes will work. I didn’t want to use crocs, since those are my garden shoes, so I found some old winter rubber slip-ons. Found some duct tape, secured them to the top, and one more layer of tape to secure the whole kit. Since then, I’ve been able to walk around my house and work with drywall and mud at the 8- to 10-foot mark with no issues!