In this project we are going to take an ordinary camera and turn it into a trip-wire or magnetic reed-switch triggered spy and security camera!

Project Steps

Lay out your components on your workbench.

I couldn’t use a camera because I have only got one.

Put your components into the breadboard according to this schematic.

Open your camera.

Locate the trigger button terminals and solder two wires to them.

Feed the wires through the trigger button hole.

Make all necessary jumpers and final connections on the breadboard.

Note: The LED and red jumpers represent the camera wires.

The blue wire represents the switch or trip wire.

Test the breadboard circuit.

Solder all the connections together either barebone or on perfboard.

Now just wait for someone to come.


LED strobe light by adding a lot of LEDs across the transistor’s collector and emitter.

Make two: one for power, one for trigger.

Add lasers instead of a trip wire or switches. Use a photocell to pick up the laser light.


This project is an easy and fun project to make whether you need to guard your room or just spy on people! So let's get into it!