In this project, we will show you how to make your own Vjacket, a controller that you can use for Vj-ing! Have fun!

Project Steps

Grab any jacket you like, it should be confortable for you to wear. It can be stylish, but doesn’t have to be… It is good when the jacket has some pockets and a thin inner lining in order to hide cables/conductive thread. In this example I took a semi-stylish man-jacket with lots of pockets.

Find interesting spots where you want to place the sensors. Also think about it which sensors you want to use and how the interaction will take place.

In our example we decided to put 2 bend sensors at the left and right elbow. 4 piezo sensors and 1 softpot sensor were marked placed inside the pockets of the jacket

Here you see a more detailed view and where the sensors were placed. Also think about a smart place where you will put the Arduino microcontroller and where all the wires will get together.

Take electronic wires or conductive thread to make the connection lines. Take care that it doesn’t get too short and that you can still move within the jacket!

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