Make a washer set — it’s a fun and easy game to play and/or make.

Project Steps

You are going to need these things. 2x6x8 piece of wood, tape measure, 22.5 ft of rope, 4 to 6 1in washers, plywood, two cans and some liquid nails. And a table saw and a hand saw.

Now cut the wood. The plywood needs to be 14in on each side. Cut the plank into 12in-long pieces. You should use the whole plank.

Now paint the washers. For one color I used spray paint and the other I dipped in paint and then hung them up using paper clips.

Now construct your washer box. Put the wood pieces on the piece of plywood and glue them using Liquid Nails. Then you should add strength to the box by putting nails into the bottom. Do this twice to make two boxes.

Now all you need to do is screw the cans in the center of the box. Make sure that the cans are 3in wide and 6in tall. Drill a hole in one side of each box and run the rope through the holes, knotting it on the inside of the box.


Now you will have an awesome summer game to play in your back yard.