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HOW TO – Make a Mic Flag

Ever wanted to look super legit when interviewing someone on camera? Try making your own microphone flag! The folks at Create Digital Music made one and can offer you some advice for how. – Link.

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HOWTO – Make a Balloon Animal Octopus

FlowerClown on YouTube posted this tutorial on a balloon animal octopus. Balloon animals are a great activity for kids to watch and do, and kits (with balloons, a pump, and an instruction booklet) make great gifts. – [via] Link.

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Felt Club Tour with Carla from CRAFT

BoingBoingTV was on-site at Felt Club’s XL Holiday event on November 18, and filmed this fun episode with Carla Sinclair from CRAFT serving as a tourguide. Check it out and see what you missed–or relive the fun memories if you did attend!. (Oh and in the freezeframe above, she’s holding a piece of magnetic bacon […]

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