MAKE 36: Boards


MAKE Volume 36 takes a look at the exploding market of boards and microcontrollers. Powerful and easy to use, microcontrollers allow anyone to add sophisticated interactivity to their projects, and Arduino and Raspberry Pi have ushered in a whole new generation boards tailor-made for making. In this issue, we take a deep dive into the world of boards and add-ons that are fueling a new smart device revolution. From workshop hobbyists to entrepreneurial innovators pushing accessible technology to new levels.

Which board is right for you? This issue issue delves into:

  • The best boards for your build. What they do and why you might want to use them.
  • Microcontrollers for the next generation: Ultra- miniaturization, wireless, and multi-function shields.
  • Add-ons for boards
  • Upcoming boards with estimated release dates and previews.

But the issue goes beyond boards and includes projects that show you how to make your own hard cider with a juicer, a simple table that can be built in two hours, an interview with New Zealand kite-maker Peter Lynn, and the making of tiger gates in the London Zoo.

To jump into the world of boards, take a look at Which Board is Right for Me?