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  1. Janus Cook says:

    This is one of those hacks that stops working as soon as it’s posted :)

  2. Ran says:

    Gee, if I were looking for a key hidden under a rock but instead I find a container of some sort, I wonder what might be in the container. Would I leave it untouched or open it and see?

  3. Jeremy P says:

    It’d probably be a better idea to cover the bottle with soil, and only use the rock to mark the spot. That way if someone picks it up, they (shouldn’t) see it.

  4. BigD145 says:

    Or you could just have a big rock garden with hundreds of rocks to choose from.

  5. Victor says:

    Just make sure you shine up one of those rocks so it’s obvious which one to choose.

  6. sweavo says:

    What all the other commenters said. Except I like BigD145′s take on it. THAT is innovation.

  7. Jeff says:

    I don’t think this would work so well when the rock is buried under three feet of snow!

  8. Wilson! says:

    Obvious solution for you is to move someplace warm!

  9. Dan says:

    unless you get overrun with dung beetles.

  10. imvain2 says:

    Although the hiding of a spare key is practical, hiding it under a rock is just so common place that would be one of the first places to look.

    Depending on your home’s layout, you could hide the key to your front door near your homes back door and vice versa. Or basically, don’t hide the key near the door.

    When hiding your key, you don’t actually have to hide it near the door it opens. All that really matters is that the key is hidden and you can remember where you put it.

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