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In celebration of our Geek Chic month here at MAKE,  we’re bringing you the most massive collection of e-textiles ever to be found in one place!

Tutorials and Projects

CRAFT Video: LilyPad Arduino 101

Soundie the touch-sensitive hoodie


Diana Eng’s LED Nightlife Necklace


EMSL’s soft circuit merit badge


LED Firefly Baby Booties

Hannah Perner-Wilson‘s many sensor tutorials! Also an interview!

CRAFT Video: LilyPad Arduino Blinking Bike Patch


Open Softwear Free E-Book

Craft meets tech at MIT

That’s just the tip of the iceberg — read on for the rest, including books, kits, and more projects! Please drop us a link to your e-textile project in the comments!

Fairytale Fashion Show: Close Up


EL wire primer in MAKE Volume 21


TV-B-Gone Hoodie (look for an updated version of this tutorial in the upcoming MAKE, Volume 23)

Hilarious secret handshake from the future


Electric Tank Top


EKG-controlled Game of Life hoodie

Radio Rug Uses Human Antenna


Electronic Embroidery – CRAFT Video and article in CRAFT Volume 09


“See-thru-me” Light Shirt


Turn Signal Bike Jackets


Cross-Stitch Stylophone

Email-Counting Shirt

LED Kimono


OLEDs may still have a long way to go, but here’s an OLED dress!



Fashion Geek by Diana Eng

Fashioning Technology by Syuzi Pakhchyan – video preview on CRAFT

Fashionable Technology by Sabine Seymour – inside look on MAKE

Switch Craft by Alison Lewis and Fang-Yu Lin – review on CRAFT


LilyPad E-Sewing Kit – great if you need a LOT of conductive thread and want super-flat LEDs ($39.95 in the Maker Shed)

LED Sewing Kit – similar to above, but just enough conductive thread to make your first project rock ($15 in the Maker Shed)


Techno-Shugei Kit – same as the LED Sewing Kit, but without the battery holder, and sold in Japan


LilyPad Pro Kit – extend the kits above with some computational power! ($49.95 in the Maker Shed)


Aniomagic Soft iPhone/iPod Touch Remote Kit – includes a special connector that makes a DIY remote super easy!


Conductive Booster Pack – full of some more fun conductive fabrics, and other goodies! ($45 in the Maker Shed)

Be sure to watch Make: Online’s wearables archive, and also the soft circuits and fashion tech archives on CRAFT!

Becky Stern

Becky Stern is head of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries. Her personal site:



  1. nerdbot2085 says:

    This is my first attempt at wearable electronics. It is an Open Heart Kit attached with magnetic snaps to the chest of a hoodie. The zipper is used a the switch to start the LED light show.

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