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My son has this totally awesome “exhaust” pipe on his bike that I covet. It’s really a resonator for the classic baseball-card-in-the-spokes trick. It makes a terrific racket, and gets people to move out of the way without necessitating a honk on your horn. I decided to build my own, using a recycled beverage bottle. Armed with a Dremel Rotary Tool, a bottle of energy drink, and a depleted gift card, I set out to make my own soda bottle bike exhaust.


Dremel Rotary Tool cut-off wheel, 180- and 280-grit abrasive buffs, aluminum oxide grinding stone, and 1/8″ drill bit
Aluminum 16oz. beverage bottle
Hose clamps (2)
Plastic gift card (depleted)
#8 screw (1) with nuts (2) and washer (1)
Pop rivet gun with 1/8″ short aluminum rivets
Permanent marker
Masking tape
Dust mask
Safety goggles

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  1. StefanHH says:

    My dear John Park,

    I do not have to read your post until the end to see who wrote it. Only up until “armed with my dremel whatsoever” and i realise: this must be by John Park or, from now on, “Dremel Guy”.
    Please do not get me all too wrong. I appreciate your projects and i also understand the need for the occasional sponsoring. But you are making it look like a Dremel tool of any kind is prerequisite to all of your projects. Add a little bit of credibility by “or any other rotary micro tool”. Now i know this is not part of your contract. But really,come on, that dremelism… John!

    This is my all-time favorite blog. Please keep it that way! ;)

    All the best,


    1. John Park says:

      Hi Stefan, I hope it’s clear that these are sponsored projects. I absolutely agree with you that these can be done with any rotary tool, or oscillating tool in the case of the Multi-Max projects.
      That said, MAKE would never do this sort of thing using a brand or tool we didn’t believe in, and we, like most makers, use the heck out of our Dremels.
      Hope you continue enjoying our blog!

  2. luke says:

    my card is every time breaking

    1. Latka says:

      You are need to being having card not in spokes so far. Better English need you.