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A true classic for DIY synth makers and circuit benders, the Atari Punk Console can kick out some ear-catching square waves. It’s easy to build and a lot of fun to play around with. It may be challenging to make traditional music with an APC, but hey, there’s enough of that around already, right?

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Oh, and here’s a schematic for the APC I built in this video:
(The 556 timer chip is shown in two parts in order to emphasize the two separate timers included in the IC.)

  • Christian Restifo

    Hmmmm….already made crystal radios with my Cub Scouts. May need to do this to really annoy the parents……

  • Christian Restifo

    Hmmmm….already made crystal radios with my Cub Scouts. May need to do this to really annoy the parents……

  • Christian Restifo

    Hmmmm….already made crystal radios with my Cub Scouts. May need to do this to really annoy the parents……

    • Collin Cunningham

      that’s one lucky troop!

  • Mark

    The APC was how I learned to solder…. good times

  • Santiago Ozafrain

    Hi! Nice video. I’ve tried this project and encountered two problems. The first one is that the potentiometers don’t work gradually, the changes are too abrupt. I couldn’t get 1M and used 500k ones, my guess is that that’s the problem. And the other one is that the output is too low. I plugged it to my guitar amp but the volume is very low. I used a 1k resistance instead of the 4.7k before the output, can this affect? Thanks, sorry for my english. Bye, Santiago.

    • Saulo Silva

      Maybe you are using a logarithmic instead of the linear potentiomer, that makes this abrupt changes. i guess…

  • Jordan Gutierrez Jr.

    pitfall…..i love that game

  • Mike Wittmer

    I found these videos yesterday…very cool! I’m an instant fan.

    I’m trying to find a couple of parts used in the video for this project. 1. the power jack soldered to the board which Colin attaches his 9v bat to. 2. the little rings he installed to support the pots.

  • Zomby mike

    I would really like a good look at the bottom of that completed board. Take a snapshot for me?

    • josh

      same here dude

  • William

    i am a noob at electronics, i have no idea what to do, do you think it is possible for a noob like me to do this project?

    • Jason

      Im a noob to and i did it.

  • a fellow electronics hobbiest

    i was wondering were i could find schematics for this using 2 555 timers… instead of 1 556 timer… my spare parts are limited!

  • a fellow electronics hobbiest

    wait… never mind… the schematics you posted should work!

  • giedriuszzz

    I make this AFC with two NE555, forked perfect.

  • mosantos

    I’m having some troubles :(
    yesterday I make this circuit and it worked perfectly.But today I can’t make it work??
    I’ve not change it.
    Anyone can help me?
    Sorry for my English :)

  • graehme

    just built a homemade motherboard from scratch. took me 4 years to plan and make and now im done. Only works with a special home built security card that plugs into the motherboard to make it run or it will not work. built in ram of 512 mb running a os that i paid my buddy to make. and alot of pic processors combined to make it compare to a pentium. Supports only my custom made video card that has a custom slot to attatch to motherboard. Video card has a whopping 256 megabytes of ram and core clock of 400mhz. Reads floppy disks only. no cd’s.

  • Thijs v Beers

    could it be split in half, like two circuits. one with a potentiometer to pitch a constant tone, and one with a potentiometer to break a tone. I`ve got two small containers an apc cant fit in but half an apc can maybe, if you have any other ideas for small noismakers I would like to get them.

  • Blinkyblinky

    What is the synth you are playing with in the beginning?

  • johngalt

    In the audio he says it is the Sound Lab synth. It is from
    YOu can check google for links.

  • Nick Latocha

    I decided to create a similar sounding patch in Max/MSP for those who aren’t too hot on soldering…..

    Although not truely authentic is creates a decent stepped tone sound.

  • Dylon Jamna

    Are those 500k or 1m ohm potentiometers?

  • Bill

    Can someone please list me all the components needed to make this exact device please?

  • Brad

    I made this, but only the potentiometer controlling pitch is working. There is nothing wrong with the potentiometer so what could be wrong?

  • sam

    What kind of capacitors?

  • Bline the lynx

    what might go wrong if i use 50k pots instead of 1M pots? the first obvious concern is giving the 556 to much current

    i dont have 2 1M pots laying around and i really dont want to go get them

    rawr help!

  • JS7457

    So cool ! I done it and it so cool !!

  • sinta maharani

    Nice article about drone moreover accompanied by a video. It helps mengobati keputihan dengan cara alami in studying it.

  • Paradox

    I tired to build one with similar connections, but either the pots got burnt or something else….

    I wonder how the pots are connected in the video (especially the two little wire attached to the 3rd pin)


    Can I attached pin 4 and 10 directly to the 2nd pot pin?