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Actually the name of the class is Learning Creative Learning and it’s offered by Mitch Resnick, the director of Lifelong Kindergarten group at the Media Lab. The ability to learn new ways to learn is more than a byproduct of a good education; it’s a basic survival skill in the 21st Century. What happens in the class?

You learn a whole lot about learning. And because learning (and learning about learning) is more fun with more people we’ll group you with other students, so you can share ideas, give each other feedback, and make new friends. Each week we’ll focus on a particular topic related to creative learning, such as “Interest-Based Learning” or “Powerful Ideas” or “Tinkering.”

It looks like all the infrastructure is based on Google+, hangouts, and tools like the Mechanical MOOC. Class starts February 11th; sign up on the Learning Creative Learning page.

Shawn Wallace

Shawn Wallace

Shawn Wallace is a MAKE contributor, artist, programmer, and editor living in Providence, R.I. He designs open hardware kits at Modern Device and organized the Fab Academy at the Providence Fab Lab. He makes iPhone synthesizers with the Fluxama collective and is a member of the SMT Computing Society.

  • Waulter Austin

    Good jobs to provide creative knowledge to people. thanks you.

  • Philipp Schmidt (@schmidtphi)

    Hey Shawn – Thanks for mentioning our course. You are right that we are using the open-source Mechanical MOOC to handle sign-ups and group users into mini mailing lists. And G+ communities and hangouts for most of the interaction within the course. The goal was to string together different tools that are available for anyone to use — using the web as our platform for learning — rather than build a big integrated platform. Happy to provide more info if anyone wants to /make/ a course like this. I’m @schmidtphi on twitter. — Philipp

  • Maitreyi

    I have registered for this course 3 times in the past few days. I still have no response from media labs -MIT

  • Mona Ali