I love my electronics component drawers. One set was inherited from my father, and is probably close to 40 years old. But over the years they’ve been stepped on, smashed, or just plain lost.


I decided it had been long enough, and set about building some new drawers out of plexiglass.

What you’ll need:
– plexiglass
– speed square and level (or long T-square)
– razor blade
– calipers
– fine-tipped permanent marker
– acrylic cement

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Michael Colombo

Michael Colombo

In addition to being an online editor for MAKE Magazine, Michael Colombo works in fabrication, electronics, sound design, music production and performance (Yes. All that.) In the past he has also been a childrens’ educator and entertainer, and holds a Masters degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.

  • Mikekear

    Amazing. A third of the video spent telling us that you are at your in-laws, and the rest in a high-speed, low definition long-distance vague look at something you might be doing with plexiglass. At least I assume it’s plexiglass because that’s the title of the tutorial. But no one could possibly learn anything from this – you dont even give us a look at what you’re making. Several times in teh video you get up from the chair and do something on the chair then sit down again. No explanation about why you are standing up and its too tiny to see what you are doing when you do. The video was a total waste of time.

    • Michael Colombo

      Sorry to hear you didn’t like it. I hope you checked out the slideshow in the post for specific instructions.