Christopher Blasius of Holz Mechanik built this sweet CNC router out of wood, and anyone with a drill, a jigsaw, and a router or table saw can build it. I love the elegant and useful bellows system for protecting the guts from the omnipresent dust and wood chips! The X and Y are 300mm (about a foot) and the Z is 60mm, or a little over 2 inches.

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • ww55d

    how? where? how? where? how? where?

  • Pete

    If you go to youtube you can see the link to his site,

    He has some really beautiful work there, and sells the plans for this as well, at what I would consider a very reasonable price. It looks like he sells the plans for his other creations on his site as well. All very nicely done, makes me want to go out and cnc up some wooden gears!

    • John Baichtal

      My bad, added the link!

  • James Taylor

    Does anybody have any idea what those bellows are made out of?