Shapeoko was the little milling machine that could. It surpassed its Kickstarter goal and went into production with the goal of supplying CNC mill fans with an easy-to-use and inexpensive ($300) CNC machine.

Two years after the Kickstarter campaign concluded, creator Edward Ford has joined forces with Inventables to build the Shapeoko 2, which goes on pre-sale today. The second version features a completely redesigned Z-axis, dual Y-axis steppers, as well as Inventables’ MakerSlide linear bearing system.

If you’ll be in Chicago on today, Inventables will be holding a Shapeoko 2 launch event where you’ll get the opportunity to see the machine in action. You can also pre-order the kit. The price is $300 for just the mechanics — just add electronics — or you can get a full kit for $650.

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • kurtroedeger

    That first sentence is really awkward. I’ve read 4 times now and I get the intent, but it is confusing.

    • Jason A

      You got the intent to reference one of the greatest children’s literary works? If you did, I don’t see how it’s awkward, the book was about perseverance and optimism. As someone who has failed a kickstarter, that sentence seemed spot on to me.

  • joe

    Got excited for a minute.. but it seems this is essentially like a shopbot (mills in X&Y directions with one Z-depth) seeing how there’s only 2″ of Z travel and they reccommend inkscape to create SVG files for makerCAM. Anyone recommend a good inexpensive desktop CNC machine that does at least an 6″ cube of machining?

    • http://lobocnc.com Jeff Kerr

      Check out http://lobocnc.com. This is a new open source Lobo CNC milling machine project with a more conventional bed-type configuration that has an X-Y-Z workspace of 10″x8″x7″.

  • bk

    Hi there would it be possible to modify the unit for 500 x 500 cutting area… and also shipped to the uk. Let me know the costs will buy a full kit immediately. Thanks