I’m surprised that I haven’t already seen a tea-brewing robot in an issue of Skymall, because I think it’s just the sort of luxury item that would really appeal to someone on their second or third bloody mary. Luckily, you can just go ahead a make yourself one in less than 10 minutes with this ingenious tutorial project called LittleTea from Taipei Hackerspace.

Whenever I’m trying to brew some tasty tea (and that happens quite often) I always miss the right amount of time needed for the brew. Talking to someone, reading a book, watching a bit of YouTube, browsing Instructables while I’m waiting, and suddenly the 5 minutes becomes 15, and my tea is not as good as it could have been.

Make sure your tea is the best it can be by simply programming an arduino to control a servo and a buzzer, then just mount it on cardboard, attach a stick to the servo, and voilà, perfectly brewed tea!

On second thought, this project is way too useful for SkyMall.

Andrew Salomone

Andrew Salomone

Artist, writer, and teacher who makes work about popular culture, technology, and traditional craft processes.

  • Shelby Davis

    Breville does, in fact have one:

    Historically, in Britain there was a brand called ‘Teasmade’ which was a coffeepot with an alarm, but for tea, because tea is categorically superior to coffee.

    • dbell5

      I might agree with your contention, if tea had a detectable flavor! :{)

  • Pete Prodoehl

    I’ve had “Build a CNC Dipping Machine” on my TODO list for quite some time now…