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Dan Spangler

Dan Spangler

Dan Spangler is a freelance maker with a passion for fabricating speed, high voltage, and the things that go boom.

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I have one of the coolest bosses in the world. I love to make things and he pretty much lets me make whatever I want then pays me to do it. He also has a hobby; he likes to work with leather. So when he got his hands on a... Read more »

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  • 04/05/2013 @ 1:45 pm
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Well here it is, Make:Labs first rendition of a homemade turbojet engine! The first two clips are an attempt to get it started but we ended up flooding it (which resulted in a very impressive flame-out). The third clip is our very first successful start-up and self-sustained run. This development... Read more »

The Pop-Pop Steamboat in MAKE Volume 28 calls for using small tea candles for the engine’s heat source, but I found that it didn’t work very well. So I decided to make this small alcohol-burning lamp instead, and it significantly improved its performance. In this project I will go over... Read more »

My interests with cannons started back in high school, when an attempt to make a hydrogen converter went horribly wrong, shattering the florescent bulb in my garage and singeing my eyebrows off. After changing my pants, I looked at what was left and went "hmmmmmm......" The rest is history. Read more »