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I have one of the coolest bosses in the world. I love to make things and he pretty much lets me make whatever I want then pays me to do it. He also has a hobby; he likes to work with leather. So when he got his hands on a... Read more »


Well here it is, Make:Labs first rendition of a homemade turbojet engine! The first two clips are an attempt to get it started but we ended up flooding it (which resulted in a very impressive flame-out). The third clip is our very first successful start-up and self-sustained run. This development... Read more »


The Pop-Pop Steamboat in MAKE Volume 28 calls for using small tea candles for the engine’s heat source, but I found that it didn’t work very well. So I decided to make this small alcohol-burning lamp instead, and it significantly improved its performance. In this project I will go over... Read more »

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Week 3, Weird Science Wednesday at Maker Camp. Dan Spangler of MAKE Labs talks to us about his experiences building combustion cannons and shows us how to make our own potato cannons. Maker Camp, sponsored by MAKE magazine, was a virtual summer camp for teens, with a focus on creating,... Read more »