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2 liter with SRBs

This easy build uses two important scientific principles, boyancy and stored kinetic energy, to float and drive a simple boat. Read more »


Here at Make, we've been fans of crowdfunding as a way for makers to move their dreams from prototype to product for a long time. We are just now starting to take baby steps towards curating and recommending these kinds of projects to our readers, but we think this can... Read more »

Three Cupcakes: Mayer, Smith, and Pettis with their open source 3D printers.

Editor's Note: This is a reprint of our original story by Becky Stern in Make: Volume 21 covering the founding of MakerBot Industries, which Wednesday announced it was purchased by Stratasys, a worldwide player in industrial 3D printing. Read more »

Image (1) makerbottransformerbre.jpg for post 77736

The announcement that industrial 3D printer company Stratasys has acquired the consumer-focused start-up MakerBot has sent shockwaves through the Maker world in the last 24 hours. This morning at MakerBot HQ in Brooklyn, NY, Bre Pettis and David Rice, principles in the two companies, gave a press conference to talk... Read more »

Arduino Poker Table

Great first attempt at a poker table with an Arduino brain and LED lighting. Read more »

Ready to go

Awesome Maker, and even awesomer Dad Kristoffer Dominic Amora dropped us a link to his Google gallery of pictures from the "working" arc reactor he made for his son to wear to the new Iron Man movie a little while back. It's a great medly of repurposed parts and creativity,... Read more »


Our Dale Dougherty tours the recent UK Maker Faire, and shows how the Maker Movement is thriving and growing all over the world. Read more »


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