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Easy House Slippers
Do as the Norwegians do and make these super-simple slippers.
By Liecel Tverli Scully

There’s a saying where I am from: “Don’t just sit there with your hands in your lap — knit something!” I grew up in the far north of Norway, above the Arctic Circle in Saltdal, a small town on the edge of a fjord. Knitting was the perfect way to pass the time during the dark, cold winters. At school, knitting class was a requirement; when I was in the 5th grade, we had to make a pair of socks using five needles. It was a complicated project and I remember having a really hard time with it. But my poor friend Roger was so frustrated he threw his half-done sock into the fireplace at home, needles and all. That’s right — at my elementary school the boys had to learn to knit as well!
This is a pattern that is really popular in my valley right now. It’s an easy project that makes a fun, cozy slipper. If you know basic knitting, you’ll knit these in no time.
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  • D vaught

    I made these slippers and they are cute as can be! The folding and sewing was challenging, but there are some really good tutorials on, so I figured it out.
    Thanks for you help!! Great pattern!!

  • Eva-Maude

    Where can I find this pattern please ?

  • DragonTat2

    Is there a link to the pattern? The link provided returns to this page. I have made these and love them, need to make more!

  • bev

    do you knit 40 rows for each square? if so why does it say pattern adjustment eg. size 9: 20 stitches 20 rows???

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