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How-To: Rainbow Crochet Lined Zipper Coin Purse
There’s something about a rainbow that always seems to catch my eye. If I’m scrolling through blogs in my Reader, pictures on Flickr, pins on Pinterest and I see something with those classic Roy G. Biv rainbow colors, my eyes immediately focus on it. Rainbow colors are simultaneously soothing and energizing, and craft projects that incorporate them are usually a big hit. With As we gear up for St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it would be a perfect time to highlight some of our favorite rainbow projects that we’ve featured here on CRAFT. Enjoy!
Floor-Length Rainbow Skirt
The Double Rainbow Cocktail
Felted Rainbow Acorns
How-To: Rainbow Quilt
Awesome Rainbows & Unicorns Birthday Party
Rainbow Cake!

How-To: Rainbow Jell-O

Kid’s Rainbow Canopy
Colorful Taped Stairs
Recipe: Rainbow Fudge
Organizing Books by Color

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  1. SimplyMe on said:

    That’s a lot of beautiful colors.
    Love the selection.

  2. SimplyMe on said:

    That’s a lot of beautiful colors.
    Love the selection.

  3. festina on said:

    wow did u make that all by your self or did you need help or are those picture

  4. Tracy A. on said:

    Love, love, love the felted acorns!

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