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3 Responses to How-To: Yarn Bangles

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  1. trying to find on said:

    I would love to decorate bangles, but all the “blank” wooden bangles I have found at craft stores are super tiny and don’t fit over my hand. And my hands are pretty delicate (not big nor thick). A) Where can I find normal sized blank bangles and B)Why are the ones I can find super tiny?

  2. Natalie Zee Drieu on said:

    Try searching online perhaps. My wrists are super small so it’s always hard for me to find bangles that stay on anyway.

  3. Alicia Kachmar on said:

    Hmm I tried leaving a comment about this. I found the bangles to make these from street sellers here in New York, BUT I recommend searching ebay, “plastic bangle lot.” Also, catalogs like Oriental Trading…costume shops…Michaels or AC Moore Craft.

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